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Drum Kit Hire

If you would like to hire a drum kit rather than purchase one we can help. Here are the hiring options:


Hire a complete drum kit for a short period - If you want to hire a complete kit with everything you might need for a gig then we often have excellent quality kits available for this. The kit would include drums, hardware, stool, gig mat and even sticks! You would be able to choose from a selection of cymbals to complete the setup. To hire this kit costs £50 - £100 per day plus a £300 deposit. You would need proof of your identity and home address.


Hire a drum kit for an extended period - Not sure if drumming is for you? Hire a kit for 3 months and give it a try. Any pre-owned drum kit we offer for sale can be hired. Choose the drums and cymbals you want to hire and then phone us. The cost of hiring for 3 months would be the cost of the items you select plus a hiring fee. You pay this amount and then at the end of the 3 months you have the option to keep the kit or return it to us for a refund of the amount you paid, minus the hiring fee. NB - The minimum hiring fee for 3 months will be £50, regardless of the price of the kit.